The EC Universe's Earth Edit

Earth in the EC Universe is the location of the "Hero-Man" Series of Comics and Cartoons. It is also the birthplace of "Windfire" and his creator Dr. Irving J. Keller(Ice).

There are two main geographic locations on Earth in the EC Universe, "The City" and a "desert" in Arizona, home of Dr. Keller's laboratory.

Dr. Keller's Laboratory(Arizona) Edit

In 1951, Dr. Irving J. Keller was heading into his lab when a pair of construction workers, who were building an expansion wing, discovered a large crystal of Terrylium Carbonide(from Craxia). He had it brought to his lab, where he began to unlock the properties of the heat-producing diamond-like structure.

He discovered that he could use it to heat most of his lab, cutting energy costs down. The crystal, when broken into smaller chunks, was further experimented on, crossing different types of DNA from lab animals. None of these experiments ever resulted in a positive, until one day he decided to splice his own DNA with a small fracture of the material.

The resulting reaction was a lab accident, as an explosion occurred, nearly killing Keller. As the smoke cleared he saw a strange life-form, one made entirely of fire. But as he hesitantly approached it, he saw it was a mere child of 3 or 4 Human years. To add to the shock, the child spoke, in English. Keller asked the boy if he knew his own name, and the child replied with: "Flame"(later known as Windfire).

Keller raised "Flame" as his son, keeping him secluded at first, but as Flame grew, he knew he couldn't keep the child kept in a lab. One day he took Flame outside, and as the local population saw the strange elemental, they ran in fear. This frightened Flame, who reacted with a huge fireball enveloping him, which was in fact Flame's first self-teleportation. Keller tracked him down, and found he had returned home to the lab.

(see future additions on "Windfire the Flamium")

The City Edit

The City is a generic Earth-based, U.S. metropolitan location that plays a role throughout many series in the EC Universe, rather from the Old EC or New EC generations. At several points, The City was a setting in the Spontane C. Saga. It also plays a role in the past and present of the Hero-Man series.

1920's Edit

In the 1920's, the Goddess Luxia, was sent to The City, where she met a 19-year old man named Edwin King. Luxia, having lost her memory due to a sacrifice she'd made, in order to escape her own Realm, had no idea where she was. One night, shortly after Luxia had arrived, she was attacked in a dark alley by a pair of thieves. Edwin spotted the trouble, and tried to save her, only to get knocked out. The thugs ran off, and Luxia tried to revive the heroic man.

Luxia and Edwin spent several years living in the City, soon finding themselves in love with each other. One night as they sat on a park bench, Luxia was gazing up at the stars, which Edwin noticed and began to call her his "Star-Gazer". He asked why she was looking so intently at the stars above, and she replied with "Searching Home."

It was then that she had a flicker of a memory of her true life, and Edwin vowed to get her home, as he knew she wasn't human, but was something more.

Soon after Luxia was sent back to her own Realm, after being found by her twin sister Klazel, an incredible battle in the Realm occured, costing the lives of Klazel, as well as their father Helzerk. The Dark Specter, Vilos, nearly killed Luxia, but due to the inner-fire that Luxia had yet to fully learn how to control, caused the young Goddess to become a full Flamium. Her self-sacrifice was powerful enough to defeat Vilos, but cost her the corporeal form she had.

At the same time she ended her physical existence, she gave birth to a son, Vezek, who through the mystical energies she had within her, as well as a Void Portal, was sent to the City, to be raised by Edwin.

Late 20th Century Edit

In the late 1990's, Spontane C. was sent, via Void, to The City. At first he had no clue where he was, but soon found out that he wasn't alone. Lord Draco, who he'd defeated months earlier, had also found his way to the City. Upon confronting his greatest enemy, Spontane defeated Draco, and acquired a mystical Crystal sword, which opened another portal, but sent him to the other side of town.

He arrived near a book store called "The Inner Void", where he met a human named Tolan, who was actually the brother of Lord Destructo, who had been banished to Earth by their father, The OMEGA(the dark-spirit that had infected Kalak, one of the two Creator Gods of the known Universe, the other being Kazar). Spontane confronted Tolan, who aided in Spontane's return to Tolar, but soon a Void portal opened up and threatened to swallow the Earth whole.

(Meanwhile) At this time, the AGENCY, was investigating more Void Portal activity. Agent 11 was one of several who tracked down the possible coordinates of one of the portals that had sent Spontane to the "Inner Void". He questioned the mysterious owner, Tolan, who answered willingly, and told the Agent about the strange alien who'd been there, but had left.

Spontane C. was then sent, using the Crystal sword, and opened a portal to the Earth's moon, where he met Destructo, and fought the sorcerer. Destructo fled, followed in pursuit by Spontane, and the two arrived back on Kater.