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Agent 11 meets Hero-Man

The AGENCY is a secretive, government-based organization that operates out of the spotlight of the City. They are ran by a mysterious man known as "The Director", and have 100 agents and operatives, all numbered in a random sequence. These agents include Agent 11 and Agent 58.

The former alliance with H.E.R.O. ended with the disappearance of Maximus and Sybella Magnus, but Agent 11 and others continued to peace together more mysteries that continued to need investigating. These included the detection of the Void Portals that began to appear shortly after Hero-Man and Angel Stargazer defeated Neuro-Hawk, and Angel Stargazer entered another Void Portal that sent Angel to Void Haven.

The Void Portal Mystery Edit

The Adventures of Hero-Man!! Ep. 21- "A Past Soon Forgotten..

The Adventures of Hero-Man!! Ep. 21- "A Past Soon Forgotten..."

TAoHM Ep. 21(Starting at Agent 58's Debut Scene)[1]

In the years after these portals began to appear, the agents, led by 11 and soon after, his protege Agent 58, began to identify the Portal's frequency, and were soon able to trace the locations of some portals, but also came to realize that the portal's were random. Some portals were identified as "time portals"(Temporal Void), and the records accessed from the C.I.A. and other worldwide agencies were able to connect to disappearances in the Bermuda Triangle, the Lost City of Atlantis, and even Stonehenge.


Agent 58 meeting Hero-Man from the shadows

On one of Agent 58's first missions for the AGENCY was to track down the portals coming from Nashar. These sparked an interest for 58, who soon connected the similarities with the portals that brought Lord Skarn, Pico Bellamere, and soon after other Iglesian Order aliens.

The Void Portal mystery continued to pique 58's curiosity as he gained access to the old files on H.E.R.O., and began to piece the connections from the portals that had sent Neuro-Hawk and Angel Stargazer, and those that brought the aliens to Earth.