The Harznian SystemEdit

The Harznian System is a distant system, thousands of light years from the Salzair and Tolarian Systems. It is made up of 5 worlds, only two are inhabited: Harzn and Craxia. The other worlds, Heran, Thexis, and Ruun are uninhabited. Ruun is under the claim of the "Harznian Imperial Alliance of Planets", one of 4 worlds across two systems under the Imperial Banner.

Harznian bridge

The Bridge of an Imperial Ship, with the Imperial Emblem displayed.


The Central planet in the system, and home to the Harznians, a mostly-warrior race. They have advanced science and medical technology, and after over three centuries of warfare, the Royal Harznian lineage was reestablished, but was ended when King Tazium and Queen Laria were betrayed and killed by the leader of the eventual Imperial Alliance, Edxon.

The world has 3 continents, and a vast mountain range along the eastern-most continent, Kiop. The other continents are Hella and S'xoz. The planet's Royal Capitol, Vaih, is built on the ancient grounds of the Harznian's mythical city of Vahina. Legend has it that Vahina was the center of trade, as well as the arts and sciences for a millennia, until it was destroyed in a terrible earthquake that split the once large, single landmass known as Vahinos into the 3 now existing continents.


A planet composed mostly of a crystalline element known as Terrylium Carbonide, a diamond-like material that produces great heat, and is widely traded across the galaxy. It is home to a small population of native Craxians(also referred to as Cravians), as well as a few Harznians.

It has an ancient connection to the Order of Flamiums, as the amazing properties of Terrylium Carbonide have been used by the original Flamiums as a regeneration source. One of the most famous crystals to come from Craxia is the "Flamestone", which in the "Windfire the Flamium" Series was used in the resurrection of Windfire, in which the Flamium became the "Flamestone-Incarnate".

Other Worlds: Edit

  • Heran--a Mining world
  • Thexis--a world mostly frozen
  • Ruun--a desert world