The Tolarian System Edit

The Tolarian System is the location of "The Spontane C. Saga" Series, and is made up of 3 worlds: Tolar, Hatar, and Nilra. The system is, like others in the EC Universe, in constant war. Lord Draco, the ruler of Nilra, declared war on Tolar and Hatar, which led to the deaths of Ashar's family as well as millions of other Tolarians and Hatarians.

SC 3 Cover color

Cover Art for "Spontane C." Issue 3; Draco's might looming over Spontane C(Ashar)

Tolar Edit

A war-torn world, once one of peace and prosperity. Home of the Summit family, amongst millions of others who lived a normal life, until the attacks from their planetary neighbor of Nilra. The leader of the Nilran Sovereignty, Lord Draco, had declared war on the peaceful world, and ordered the complete decimation of the Tolarian people.

Those that survived were soon subject to rule by Draco and his army. One of the few survivors of the initial attacks was a 10-year old named Ashar Summit(Spontaneously Combust). Years after the attacks, Tolar is still under the rule of Draco, and has now become the center of his growing empire, as he looks to expand across the system and beyond.

Hatar Edit

An impoverished world, home to a 4-armed species known as Quadions. Home world to Spontane C's closest and oldest friend, Arm I. Tron.

Army cast pic

Army(Arm I. Tron)

Hatar's Royal Class was slowly usurped, and the government was left in shambles. After a hesitant allegiance with Nilha was signed, Draco's "promises" of food, medicine and assisting the rebuilding of the Hatarian cities, turned out to be just the open-door to take control of the weakened peoples and their world.

The Hatarian Rebellion soon began, but the revolt was quickly ended by Draco's powerful space fleet. Army(Arm I. Tron) was later captured, but freed by Spontane and others who were joining forces against Draco and the Nilran Sovereignty.

Nilra Edit

Lord draco sketch3

Lord Draco of the House of Stox

An advanced world, home to the Nilran Sovereignty, the last ruling class after centuries of Civil War. A new ruler emerged, Draco of the House of Stox. The Nilran's soon reached a common ground, and began to look to expand to the much larger world in the Tolarian system, Tolar.

A purple-skinned species, the Nilrans are proud of their military and space fleet, which they've used as an ultimate power, and have spread their empire for the last several decades.