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The mythical, mystical, and mysterious energy portals that operate randomly, or can be controlled by rather a "Void Control" device or computer, or one of the few individuals who has partial or complete control over the strange energy.

In many EC Series, Void is a random portal that will pop up in the middle of a scene, rather someone appearing from a portal, or someone getting sucked INTO a portal. Many random occurrences in issues are a part of the story.

There are also three types of Void Portals common to the EC Universe. Normal, commonly called simply "VOID" Portals, "Temporal Void", and "Fractal Void".

Along with Portals, there are two types of "wastelands" that you can only access by Void Portals: the "Void Haven" and "Void Abyss".

Void Portals Edit

The normal type of energy portals. They can send someone to any other place, across lands, planets or even galaxies. One of the most important Void portals was the one that sent Flame(Windfire) and Camo to Caxler. This was foresaw in the ancient texts of the Flamium Archives, and led to Flame defeating the evil Lord Destructo, ending the Great War.

Other Void portals led to the lost Summit "brothers" being reunited. Ashar(Spontane C.) met his "brother", Beam(Adome Robets/Summit) through Beam appearing via a Void portal that he couldn't control.

Temporal Void Edit

Time travel is only possible in the EC Universe through a Temporal Void Portal, one that can only be controlled by Lord Vidé, his wife Lady Vida, one of the three "Children of Void"(Spontane C., Beam, and the TK Dantré), or Takai Riphius.

It was through a Temporal Void portal that Sybella arrived in the 1980's, escaping her fate, and ultimately meeting Maximus Magnus.

Another Temporal Void portal sent Ripster back to Ancient Nitron, setting his true destiny into order. This led to Ripster becoming who he'd believed to have been his ancestor, when in truth he was becoming his destined self as the "Chosen One", Takai Riphius.

The largest Temporal Void portal was created, years later, by Takai Riphius, as he sent Ancient Nitron to the present, so his friends, the "Disciples of Riphius" could come to the present day.

Fractal Void Edit

A creation of Takai Riphius, through the mystical "Staff of Kazar". Only Riphius has access to this ultimate punishment and weapon if he so summons it. It inverts known reality, causing whoever the energy is focused on, to be drained of whatever elemental power, dark energy, or other would-be attack strength, completely and turned against them, typically leaving Riphius victorious.

It was Fractal Void that Riphius used to defeat Dantré, in Ancient Nitron, before Dantré(who had become a dark Void sorcerer) could use Void for his own purposes.

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